Dec 20, 2009

NINJATRONICS - new website locale

Hey friends,

The Ninjatronics Crew is busy getting the new website up, take a look at what we're up to in the meantime!

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Oct 18, 2009

Missing In Action

The Ninjatronics Collective has been busy!

o o o We are currently working on a new direction for the ' .com ' website o o o

Our events on the sidebar will be up in the meantimessss. Thanks for keeping up with the site, we're trying to make it better and find a way to post about our current/personal projects.

Aug 20, 2009

Junk Culture - West Coast

Another random find, Junk Culture also known as Deepak Mantena hails from Oxford, Mississippii. Recently signed onto the Illegal Art label (Girl Talk mantras), Junk Culture is scheduled for an LP release coming out on October 27th.

Very similar to the likes of Javelin, Junk Culture's looptic and sampling style fits right into the Illegal Art label.

The lo-fi ness comes from the widely used hand held sound catcher via tape recorder , making me feel real good about having bought a $2 tape recorder yesterday at UNCW's surplus sale. Hail yah.

According to Luxury Wafer's exclusive - Junk Culture's live show isn't your average beejay kinda of an electronic show. With appearances from Deepak's sibilings, to include his younger brother, Nitin on drums - with a bandesque feel performing live percussion beats along with Deepak's vocals to a series of film clips/visuals looping in the distancia .

Sample for yrselfahhhh, supah freshnas.

Junk Culture - West Coast

Catch Junk Culture w/Girl Talk on these upcoming dates:

9/18 – Showbox Sodo – Seattle, WA
9/19 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver
9/19 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver
9/21 – Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA

Aug 8, 2009

Karl Hector and the Malcouns

Karl Hector & the Malcouns are a ten piece group of musicians including Funk Pilots leader Karl Hector and Jay Whitefield (guitarist for the Whitefield Brothers and the Poets of Rhythm), and Malcouns founders Zdenko Curlija (drums, percussion, bass and vocals) and Thomas Myland (organ & bass). The band also includes Bo Baral on percussion, Wolfi Schick, ( sax, flute and bass clarinet), Ben Abarbanel-Wolff (tenor, baritone sax) and Stu Krause (trumpet, valve trombone). Recorded in Germany, there is a world of music to be discovered on their album Sahara Swing, on Now-Again Records/Stones Throw.

Just a little sticker on their vinyl set, describing their music as "Afrodelic Kraut Funk"'s like taking a safari ride , redefining the concept of fusion between experimental jabs of jazz with earthy elements of hip hop infused Afro-funk. Great for loungey listening times ... reminds me of another favorite The Budos Band. . . creating that mysterious, smokey vibe that eases you into a comax.

Jul 8, 2009

Azeda Booth - Tubtrek EP

Azeda Booth was a nice little surprise via lastfm, I stumbled upon a music video of their song Big Fist a while back from their previous album In Flesh Tones [released by Absolutely Kosher, 2008] that was directed by Jordan Easton. Little did I know at the time that they were indeed the voices of Morgan and Jordon, the wispy [now] unmistakable androgynous vocals.

Us Ninjatrons were listening to their new Tubtrek EP today and agree that the from the new songs we like Samoan Girls and from the remixes Well (Refilled and Set in Sand remix) and v remix of Big Fist - although this is a pretty solid EP otherwise!

Hailing from Calgary, Azeda Booth originally formed back in 2004 and was the project of Morgan Greenwood & Jordon Hossack. They remained a duo until the year 2006 when Chris Reimer, Marc Rimmer and Mike Wallace joined, becoming the now quintetessenial 5 star hotel , give me a high FIVE NOW! which came to release the full length In Flesh Tones. The last bit of work that Morgan and Jordan put together was the release of 2007's Mysterious Body. According to their website, it looks like Azeda Booth is now Morgan, Jordan and Marc.

The latest to come is their Tubtrek EP The FREE DOWNLOAD is available at .

Here's a free download of their track Ran from their previous album In Flesh Tones.

Jul 3, 2009

Neon Indian - Terminally Chill

We all need a little chill time in the summer and Neon Indian is the next best thang. Recently signed to the Lefse record label - the low-fi pop melodies scream (if they could) sunshine! Alan Palomo made his musiks by recording field sounds and samples last winter in the supreme 'n cream Texas compiling 12 songs that resemble lushicioulsy drugged lullabies filled with wonderment and nostalgia.

Along side with his visual [yet remote] kicker Alicia Scardetta, Neon Indian stimulates the brain 'n eye : a guy and a girl who make music via correspondence. One in Brooklyn, one in Austin. According to the myspace, Neon Indian's next gig will be at the Monolith Festival in Colorado.

They’ve been compared to New Order, Future Bible Heroes, and most recently said to sound like a saw-wave cutting a Doobie Brother’s song in half. Personally I see a lil bit of Ariel Pink and Kate Bush. Take a listen for yo self with Terminally Chill- birds and zany synths. More downloads are available here! and you can always stream dem babies on the Neon Indian Myspace.

Neon Indian - Terminally Chill

The debut-full length release for the upcoming album Pyschic Chasms will be available on the skreet will be Oct. 13, 2009.

Jun 23, 2009

The Woods - The Final Breaths of a Main Character

Our fellow amigos The Woods from Tallahassee, FL have been getting busy with music and video making (I is proud of yous!). The official release of "The Final Breathes of a Main Character" is creating a BUZZ with their new [EP] The EP Logue. This is the first music video from The Woods singer Ian Dudley, being trapped in a nautical world of his own imagination. Lets all go sailing on beds and make some ocean friends!

The acoustic/experimental/folk artista Ian Dudley released his self/titled project back in 2008 , with 40 handmade DIY CD book encasings (WVFS got one!) that took 11 days to record under Plug Research. The wide release of his official first album - A Bird That Cannot Fly was distributed via the tiny Living with Ghost Records imprint. Definitely check out the previous album - which was recorded as a lo-fi project with friends to help Ian's storytelling come to life. This music video was part of the WondersTV internet sensation . . . directed by Raul B. Fernandez : A WONDERS PRODUCTION!

The Woods was also featured on All Things Considered back in the day, check out the NPR review here.

The digital release for the EP Logue is free!

Jun 17, 2009

Pointer Sisters Rewind

The fabulous Pointer Sisters - often found on any funk/soul radio station, were doing it right in the 70s/80s with their impeccable sense of style and grooves. The original gang - Ruth , Anita, June and Boonie Pointer (formed in Oakland)- scored their pop 'n soul hits (featured above) embodying funky rhythms and motownish hollatcha girl attitude.

If you ever were watching Seasame Skkkreet back in the day, then ya'll know that sticky tune on the pinball countdown that looped in your head was sung by the Pointer Sisters.
The "Pinball Number Count" began appearing on Sesame Street in 1976. The music was composed by Walt Kraemer who also scored and provided voices or the Star Wars parody Hardware Wars, working on the George Lucas animated feature Twice Upon a Time.

The pinball animation was directed by Jeff Hale who produced many inserts for Sesame Street including the Typewriter, and Ringmaster series. He also is the founder of the San Francisco-based animation studio Imagination, INC.

To see the fullerrrrr version of the countdown click here.

Jun 15, 2009

Hot Chip - One Pure Thought

So our friends Hot Chip are beat heaveaaaan returning with their new[ish] single 'One Pure Thought' which was issued back in early May, taken from the massively acclaimed album 'Made in the Dark' released earlier this year. This music video has been rocking my summer pants so hard.

It was directed by
Sheffield Hallam University Alumnis Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle and produced by TRUNK Animation Ltd. (based out of the UK). You should definitely check out Trunk's website for more short film/animations like The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside.

Jun 9, 2009

Ninjatronics Events!

The Ninjatronics family has been weaned on the idea of community involvement, performance, and contribution to the well being of the artistic and creative realm. With this in mind, we're pleased to announce the Ninjatronics Events section, which will provide information as to what all us Ninjatrons are up to as of late. This post will serve as a permalink for the events column (listed at right) and will be kept updated with everrrthang we've been doing.


Ninjatronics is now the official host of the East Coast Opera House Open Mic night here in Wilmington, NC!! The new but already well-established [AS AWESOME] artsy-dive bar East Coast Opera House has been a Ninjatronics favorite since its inception -- it's by far the best place in Wilmington to meet progressive, creative-minded people from all walks of life.

Starting June 18th, every Thursday at 9PM we'll be hosting a variety of local musicians (solo acts and bands) who'll be sharing their works whilst jamming with others to network and create a better musical community. Signup is by 8:30PM so come early, support your city, and make new connections!

The open mic is ALWAYS free and always guaranteed to be a good time. So come out, meet some of us, see what Wilmington's underground music scene has to offer, and stay connected!

Ninjatronics Events:

Aug. 20th - Open Mic/Jam Hosted by Ninjatronics @ East Coast Opera House 9PM
119 Grace St, Wilmington NC

Aug. 21st - Photo Show @ the Parallelogram, DJ Teknacolorninja & Visuals Jordan - 526 S. 3rd St, Wilmington, NC

Aug. 27th - Open Mic/Jam Hosted by Ninjatronics @ East Coast Opera House 9PM
119 Grace St, Wilmington NC

Aug. 29th - Midtown Lounge Series: SWOMP Party feat. Teknacolorninja & Visuals by Jordan 10PM - Mellow Mushroom 4311 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, NC

Sept. 2nd - The BASSMGMT Series feat. beats 'n visuals from Ninjatronics & Project Getdown 10PM - 255 N. Front St, Wilmington , NC (FB, Myspace)

Sept. 4th - Body Parts Art Exhibit Feat. Dance After Party w/ Teknacolorninja
7-PM 526 S. 3rd St, Wilmington, NC

Sept. 5th-6th - BE YR OWN HERO FEST 2009- featuring bands from all over the Southeastern board.

Shows: The Soapbox, 225 N. Front St. Wilmington , NC
Workshops: 5th 'n Wooster , Wilmington, NC

I Met the Walrus

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan (Toronto,CA) snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. This was in the midst of Lennon's "bed-in" phase, during which John and Yoko were staying in hotel beds in an effort to promote peace. 38 years later, Jerry has produced a film about it. Using the original interview recording as the soundtrack, director Josh Raskin has woven a visual narrative - transforming Lennon’s anti-war stance into a cascading flood of multipronged animation.

Raskin marries traditional pen sketches by James Braithwaite with digital illustration by Alex Kurina (only non J related individual in the project!). I Met the Walrus was nominated for the 2008 Academy Award for Animated Short along with Best Animated Short award from the AFI Fest, Middle East International Film Festival, Manhattan Short FF, Cleveland International FFm, RiverRun International FF.

Jun 5, 2009

BIKE HYPE !!! JUNE 7TH, 2009

!!!!Bike Hype!!!! is this weekend ::June 7, 2009:: at Jengo's Playhouse (815 Princess St). This is an all-day bike fest and FUNraiser for Hero Fest 2009 and the Wilmington Bike Recyclery. So all you southEAST bound folks come show your bikeLOVE as there will be an alley cat, a screening of VEER followed by Bike Prom! There are tons of cool prizes you can win for just being a up with your bikeOUT as there will be entertainment from our friends Coup de Grace followed by dance party featuring Teknacolorninja (from Ninjatronics)! Don't forget to check out the Really Really Free Market/Food Not Bombs which has been relocated from 4th and Castle temporarily to JENGOS PLAYHOUSE this Sunday!

Here's the VEER trailer and more info about the upcoming Be Yr Own Hero FEST 2009.

Jun 3, 2009

PSST! 3 Pass It On - Burial Sugar Live

Burial Sugar Live from PSST! on Vimeo.

The short film BURIAL SUGAR LIVE was created for the PSST! 3 Pass It On animation collaboration which is a series of short animated films created in collaboration by a select group of motion graphics artists from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Berlin. The collaborative film project has 17 films made by 51 teams of Designers, Directors, Animators and Composers. You can see more films at their Vimeo site.

The film BURIAL SUGAR LIVE was just one of the films featured in the group, as credited in three parts with an amazing cast of animators/composers:

Part 1: Burial

Design and Animation:
Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Curated and conceived the PSST! Pass It On series.

Music by:
Joel Pickard (Portland, OR)
Has an MA in Composition from Mills College in Oakland, CA where he studied with Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, and Pauline Oliveros. He has a BA in Music from Bethel College in St. Paul, MN where he studied classical guitar.

Part 2: Sugar

Story, Design and Animation:
Rex Crowle (London)
I took the final frame of his film and continued its themes but in my own little animated world of a teenage girls coming-of-age in a Victorian tea-shop." See the clip here.

Music & Audio:
David Kamphatfarm

After playing in bands, deejaying and getting a bachelor in composition at Folkwang Hochschule, he started freelancing for different music production companies, including Adelphoimusic London/Berlin.

Emily Newton Dunn
She's got a knack for video games as a producer/designer at Electronic Arts, whilst in the past was a TV presenter for the UK-based show "Bits", a show about gaming.

Part 3: Live

By: Bran Dougherty-Johnson

"Someone dropped out, so I ended up doing both Part 1 and Part 3. I think it worked out, though. I liked answering Rex’s section with my ending."

Jun 2, 2009


iamxl, aka Jon Hamlin, is an old familiar artist that I recently re-discovered lurking in the tattered remnants of my "Random Music" folder from years past. I have no idea where these songs of his I have came from, but they piqued my interest enough to do a little e-digging and figure out who exactly iamxl is. Working mainly in Vancouver (Canada!) and London (UK!), Jon's apparently been DJing, producing, and consistently pumping out all sorts of mismatched and danceable remixes for more than ten years.

Sometimes relaxed and sometimes housetastic, he's mixed and mashed everything from Ice-T to Joy Division to even Sook-Yin Lee, the woman fondly known to us at Ninjatronics as the awesome sex therapist in the movie Shortbus (definitely worth checking out if you're prepared for some extremely explicit content.) These songs may not be club bangers, but they'll certainly keep things moving mid-set.

Also, for more on Sook-Yin, check out her music myspace here. I didn't know she made music at all, so it's pretty cool to rummage through her stuff.

Jun 1, 2009

My Tiger My Timing - This Is Not My Fire

Formed in south east London in early 2008 by siblings James Vincent and Anna Vincent, Jamie Harrison and Gary Drain, this four-piece outfit creates electrobodi rhythms and with vocal heavy melodies to create their "hypnotic dark pop music". The debut single by was produced by Andy Spence of New Young Pony Club, Freakniks and Organic Audio. You can tell why they made a good fit with similar danceable backgrounds. I particularly like the plena-like kick found in bands like Vampire Weekend...or a lil Panamanian infused plena/reggaeton.

The music video was directed by Ian William Galloway, who has has designed throughout the UK, Europe and America, creating visuals, projections, films and graphics for theatre, opera, dance, live music and fashion shows. He studied at Rose Bruford and currently lives in East London.

May 20, 2009

In Bb- a collaborative music project

If you have a spare half-hour or two, check out In Bb.

I could describe it to you, but it's something that you should really experience for yourself. Very melodic and peaceful.

And you ninjaflowers (yes, ninjaflowers. That's what you all are) should contribute. I'm going to go work on something for it now.


May 12, 2009

Monster Zoku Onsomb - Tinker

Nos amies over in France (Sourire Collective) dropped us a nice little psychotronic visual by the group Monster Zoku Onsomb. Hailing from the Brisbane/Queenland area, these Aussies like to sample all sounds, from rockabilly to ragga, drum 'n bass , electro and experimental.
You can check out their Remix Project 2009 for more tracks and sounds of late as they'll be at the upcoming electronica/dance stitch in Winchester, Hampshire's Glade Festival this July 16-19th!

We've be a lil busy setting up thangs for the summer, you know's roadtrip time! Tours, festivals and getting crunk this 2009 are all on the to do list and Monster Zoku Onsomb's video Tinker from the Attack LP 2006 Psychotronic Visuals makes me wanna rainbowRAGE for realz! Enjoy!

May 8, 2009

Paolo Garcia - So it goes...

Paolo Garcia is a traveling animator/filmmaker, waiting to set foot in France to work on the animated television series hit Wakfu. He currently resides in Philadelphia, but So It Goes... was part of his final project for the Vancouver Film School which was made for a Classical Animation course.

Garcia got the idea from watching the episode Plains from the hit series Planet Earth, what caught his eye in particular were the snow geese. "I remember seeing a fox, and it raided a nest of chicks. It wasn't content with one, so it tried to get five into it's mouth at once, then the snow geese mom and dad came, and the fox dropped them all, but they were already dead. Then the fox slyly backs off, and grabs the only one still alive and runs with it... It was so ironic I thought and such a kind of testament to how survival is very very cruel, but also it's the mechanism of life, and how the world works, I mean sometimes it just doesn't make sense." - PG

It is an abstract representation of the mythology of creation. It's about life, the universe, and everything... except don't take it too seriously. Evolution and beauty are demolished by the monster, who the little creature believes is it's parent, and tries to beg for food, brutally ending the evolutionary chain.

::Garcia Insight::
Check out Pencil, it's a free software that you can use to animate as opposed to using Toon Boom which costs an arm and a leg, or Flash which, well... looks like flash.

May 4, 2009

The Static Fanatic

Rummaging through blogs is tough. So here's a lil blog that a fellow matey of ours writes for called The Static Fanatic which is based on the expanding noise/experimental music scene from a Wilmington scope and beyounddddd.

Carl (blogman!) also happens to be one of the elements found in The Khakazians. As known as the Caucasians910, the two piece comprised of Carl and Alli, who performed this past weekend over at the Be Yr Own Hero HYPE Fundraiser (held at the Juggling Gypsy). I got all giddy inside when I saw them use an Alesis Air Synth amongst other goodies as their experimental sound evolved throughout the set. They've got a few shows coming up, including one for Wilmington's WE FEST XIII which will be held this May 21st - 25th.

If you're looking for more on the Wilmington Noise scene check out 910 Noise, which is a group of artists sharing the same ideals of art & sound to showcase noise & experimental acts in the 910 area. And don't forget to holla at The Static Fanatic .

May 1, 2009

Speaking in Code

I can't wait till this film hits the local theaters...Speaking in Code is an intimate account of people who are completely lost in music. A heartbreaking and lighthearted documentary, it's a vérité glimpse into the world of techno/. The film takes you around the world, following the people who make electronic music ... their lives.

Speaking in Code took around 3 years to make and was in productions since June of 2005. Amy Grill (Director/Producer) and Scott Sans (Director of Photography) shot Europe for a month summer 2006. Filming completed in spring 2008 and the final cut was completed late spring 2008. Speaking in Code will be submitting to film festivals soon and is seeking distribution.

Starring : Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Monolake, Philip Sherburne, David Day & Amy Grill.

Also featuring:
Ellen Allien, Tobias Thomas, Marc LeClair AKA Akufen, Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer, Reinhard Voigt, Sascha Ring AKA Apparat, Sascha Funke, Mario Willms AKA Douglas Greed, Miss Kittin, Dan Paluska AKA Six Million Dollar Dan, Mike Uzzi AKA Smartypants

Featuring music by:
Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Robag Wruhme, Ellen Allien & Apparat, The Field, Monolake, Michael Mayer, Gas, Jonas Bering, SCSI-9, Gui Boratto, Superpitcher, Steadycam, Dettinger, The Rice Twins, Reinhard Voigt, Oxia

director/producer AMY GRILL
director of photography SCOTT SANS
contact info: AMY@SQUAR3.COM 617.417.2944

Apr 30, 2009

Housemeister - Beef Jerky

CLP remix of Housemeister's "Who Is That Noize"

Last year our Berlin-based freund Housemeister put out the Who Is That Noize and Remixes for Modeselektor, Cassius and Zombie Nation on the Allyoucanbeat label (Boy Noize). Check out the CLP (Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o) remix of the song in the vid above for a peek in the past.

Thizzzz year Housemeister is gracing us with his latest project :: Beef Jerky EP :: put out by Boy Noize Records. Hope ya like jeeeeeLLo, cause this EP makes ya more than just wanna wiggle 'n jiggle it. It's about the dirty breakcore with a 'lil old techno whomp mixed with today's b'more and dubstep scene.

Housemeister - Beef Jerky

Apr 29, 2009

Curtiss King - Spacebars ft. Ab Soul and Young Rook

It's almost summer time....and the need for big beats 'n booties is ripe. Curtiss King's single from his upcoming release The Storm on Mars is just what the streets need...when you're waiting for the ice cream truck or making a late night run to the nearest biscuit serving establishment (withhh gravvvvyy , YES!). King hails from Carson, CA and makes beats with his M-Audio Axiom 25 Midi-Keyboard, whut whuttt. And check up on Young Rook's solo lyric projects...

Curtiss King - Spacebars ft Ab-Soul & Young Rook

Apr 26, 2009

Oi Va Voi - Everytime

Oi Va Voi "Everytime" from Katarzyna Kijek on Vimeo.

Really creative video from the UK's Oi Va Voi. Every third frame of the footage was printed, shredded and shot three times blended with adjacent frames by different stripes configuration. A lot of work!

The video was made by Katarzyna Kijek & Przemysław Adamski from Warsaw, Poland who both are filmmakers with some veejaying flair. Visit their sites to see more of their projects.

Apr 25, 2009

Voices Voices - Tape Noon

VOICES VOICES are Jenean Farris and Nico Turner, a two piece ethereal, provocative ambient experience from Los Angeles. The duo first met a Xu Xu Fang concert last summer...and took on a whole new approach to making music as they explored the drum 'n drone of the experimental electronic soundscape by learning instruments from scratch, enabling them "to be more childlike, more unaffected by adulthood by stripping the intellectual knowledge away from you, liberating your imagination" - VV

VOICES VOICES embody their work with delicate haunting loops and a magnetizing pull that slips you a seductive pill diffusing into subconscious states of mind. They [wo]man the weather as they meddle with the atmospheric properties of sound...seeding their audience into a pool of crashing soundwaves.

Their self-released Sounds Outside EP is available over at Ameoba and currently are working on a full length album due out late 2009.

::Interesting fact:: The ladies from VOICES VOICES spent two months volunteering with the No On 8 campaign , protesting, calling on the phones...hollaa! Doing all sorts of good <3

Voices Voices - Tape Noon

Apr 23, 2009

Erin Wilson - Robot+Girl

I'm extremely excited to post ROBOT+GIRL since it was made by my homie Erin Wilson, whut up NoLA! This animated short-film was entered in PATOIS: The 6th Annual New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival which was held March 25th - April 5th 2009. ROBOT+GIRL won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short.

ROBOT+GIRL from Erin Wilson on Vimeo.

After accidentally leaving her heart behind her, a tardy librarian revives a defective and damaged robot. The robot finds himself on a journey to find his librarian, bringing her heart back with him. Animated completely in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Final Cut Express on a personal desktop Apple computer, this short piece about love between woman and machine explores the relevance of what lies beneath our skin (or our hard metal casing).

Apr 22, 2009

Calle 13 - Electro Movimiento

Calle 13 - Electro Movimiento

Reppin' the latinaaaneeeoon, Calle 13 hits up the electro 80 scene with a colorful dance message ::can you tell? i <3 ninjas!:: If you ever thought reggaeton was repetitive and same ole' same ole' - you can count on Calle 13 to always mix it up. Back in 2005, they were breaking into the Puerto Rican urban/reaggeaton scene, silently stinking it up, just like that last one you laid on that one road trip to that one show...

Comprised of vocalist Residente (born René Pérez Joglar) and producer Visitante (Eduardo José Cabra Martínez) aka Pérez and Cabra first met at the tender age of two (step bros), and from what I know used to attend SCAD. Makes sense.

Be on the lookout for more from this duo as they break the English/Spanish barrier with Latin infused beats and mind bogglin' lyrics, I mean they've already got a handful of Grammys under their belt. . . sizzleeen. Check out their latest album from White Lion Records.

Apr 21, 2009

Lucky Dragons

Lucky Dragons, at its core, is comprised of Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara. At least one of them is involved in all things released as Lucky Dragons, and they often bring in friends to collaborate on what has to be some of the most interesting trippy, electroacoustic, sample and beat heavy experimental music I've heard in a good while. Diverse and always engrossing, they manage to throw together classical sounding folk instruments with chopped formats, shifting beatscapes, and the breathy hums and murmurs of the members themselves.

The best thing about these guys though is their live shows. They've set up a system in which audience members interact directly with the music via mutual skin contact, light manipulation, and movement. This has to be seen to be believed.

Thus when a crowd gets involved in a Lucky Dragons concert it's an experience of closeness and strangeness as you grab and move with others and feel the music change with it. I don't know exactly how the system works but it's quite a sight to behold.

Apr 20, 2009

Mungo Hi-Fi - Sound System Champions

When I was listening to the Solid Steel Podcast #89 (Ninjatune), there was this sweet dubilicious remix of Joanna Newsom's song Book of Right On vs Cloud's Shallow that caught my ear...and soon learned who was Mungo Hi-Fi, the dubskareggae sensation from Glasgow, Scotland that has already swept the UK.

The trio began it's journey in the year 2000 and since then has collaborated with the likes of Jah Shaka, Sister Nancy, Ranking Joe, Tippa Irie, Top Cat and Warrior Queen releasing some of the finest modern roots music around on their very own Scotch Bonnet label... so far they have released 12 EPs ! But here's a Mungo-Hi Fi Live mix with Earl 16.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi have built their own sound system with their crystal clear top and mid ranges compliment the pure bass power with ease. Keep an ear (or wallet) out for their latest project :Sound System Champions.

Apr 19, 2009

DJ the internet

While wandering around the repository of everything internet (aka reddit), I came across this little jem: Hobnox audio tool

It's everything you need to be your own online DJ. You can store beats to their library and browse other people's stuff. I haven't made anything due to being a busy little beaver (hence also why I haven't posted in a while), but I figured ya'll ninjatronifollowers would enjoy it.



Apr 18, 2009

Golden Silvers - True Romance (True Blues No.9)

Currently on tour in Europe, the London-based Golden Silvers are reppin' it on the XL Recording label with their disco house retro beats and melodies. True Romance will be released on the 28th of April on CD, but you can Pre-order True Romance from Rough Trade. The album was recorded with Lexxx (Alex Dromgoole ) whose resume includes both Crystal Castles, Ben Esser., Björk, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Goldfrapp, Arcade Fire amongst others.

In the midst of finding information about Golden Silvers, a reference to thissss man was made: who also has some funky beats, get up on that disco analognesss.

Check out the remixed version...

Golden Silvers - True Romance (True Blues No.9 M.A.T.H.E.S. Remix)

Apr 17, 2009

Devo - Don't Shoot

"DON'T SHOOT" - DEVO from DEVO Channel on Vimeo

Pssssshhhhyaahh. Devo is on tour and performing a new stage show utilizing synchronized video, similar to the 1982 tour, new costumes, and three new songs: "Don't Shoot, I'm a Man!", "What We Do", and "Fresh". All of these songs included a video backdrop which the band performed in front of. Devo has also confirmed they will be performing at All Tomorrow's Parties on May 6th and 8th, with the May 6th performance featuring the band performing their first album, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, in its entirety. The May 8th performance is to be a "greatest hits" show, for the ATP "Fans Strike Back" event.

On Friday, April 10th, 2009, Devo debuted the official music video for "Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)" on their website, through Vimeo. Here's the credits list:

Produced by DEVO, Dir. Gerald Casale & Davy Force!
Design/Post: Force!Extreme Anti-Mation, Live Shoot: Thumb War .
Posted by creator DAVY FORCE!

Apr 16, 2009

Tom Deluxx - Curse Words

Check out this video for dirty synthziman Tom Deluxx's song "Curse Words" made by 88MPH. Originally from Bordeau, France Tom Deluxx is also a member of the group Just a Band, and has been mixing it up since 1997 playing with the likes of Boys Noize, Justice, Feadz, Erol Alkan, Busy P, and Sebastian. Give it a listen, for more check out the Boxon records site.

Tom Deluxx - Curse Words (Just a Band Remix)

Tom Deluxx -Drama Queen

Apr 15, 2009

The Kickdrums - When I Come Down

The Kickdrums - When I Come Down from The Kickdrums on Vimeo.

The Kickdrums
recent music video release of "When I Come Down" has created a hoopla for an mp3 request selecta, fortunately the Kickdrums have been nice enough to give us the mp3 track. They are currently in NYC shooting their next music video for “Just A Game” video which will be on the way sooner than you think.

The Kickdrums - When I Come Down

Apr 14, 2009

Cesko - The Hellish Holes

Dj Cesko has been a part of the Parisian underground movement since the ripe age of his tweenie years, having been influenced by his eccentric family of artists and musicians.

His first taste in the music world was with a punk-hardcore outfit The Trackerdogs. It wasn't until the late '90s that he developed a passion for the rave-electronic scene and joined the UFO Sound System deejay troupe spinning electronic music around the Spanish coast ::gathering:: jungle tribal inspiration. Cesko then took his experiences there and applied them to the local scene with Urban Event - throwing dance parties in Parisian neighborhoods.

Most recently Dj Cesko has created Sourire (Smile) Collective which has turned into a record label where his [work in progress] and latest will be released along with other DJ collaborators: DJ Groovetek, Electrobuggs, P3YO . The minimalist-house tech artist collective is sooo ::fresh:: and continues to expand on experimental, industrious, and unconventianal sounds.

Download DJ Cesko's The Hellish Holes for a listen.

Apr 10, 2009

Ninjatronics Lab: Dance Party Podcast #3

Click for Downloadable version or stream it !

1.I Couldn't Sleep(Sydney Confirm Remix)-Au Revoir Simone
2.Bits and Pieces-Junior Boys
3.Vedo In Te (Venice Remix)-Airys
4.Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood remix)-Little Boots
5.One Pure Though-Hot Chip
6.Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix)-Tiny Masters of Today
7.Hrs Mns Sec (Etan Remix)-Daedulus
8.Mars-Fake Blood
9.Out of My Face fest. We Dont Sleep-Hatiras
10.Ghetto Blaster(Hatiras Remix)-Tim Healey, Mar Adamo
11.Rave Is King(Lw Castle Vania Remix)=Fukk Off
12.Where is it?-Blatta & Inesha
13.RER D(IIIStM "Violence" rmx)-Mustard Pimp
14.Epic(Dub mix)-Your Dirty Habit
15.I Seem 2B the 1-Felix Da Housecat
16.Fake(Plugs Remix)-Alex Roots
17.San Fran-Top Billin

(intro music: Dreaming In-Blacklight Flashlight)

Apr 8, 2009


Djedjotronic, freshly signed to Boys Noize Records (!!!), is probably some of the hottest, danciest shit you'll hear this year. Currently touring Europe, he brings to the stage self-described "electronic bitchy dance" and some of the best (and dirtiest) basslines I've heard in a long while.

His first EP, out now, is called Dirty and Hard. The title track features South African rapper Spoek and is a bizarre and rhythmic smutfest of the best variety (AND can be heard/downloaded by clicking the album cover above!). The EP also features Gum Attack, a relentless dance assault, Horror Klub, my personal favorite, and a remix of Dirty and Hard by labelmasters Boys Noize themselves. There's some mad good DJ work going on in this EP; hopefully we'll hear more from Djedjotronic soon.

Update: for some people apparently the huffduffer link doesn't work (some people, if you know what I mean), so the title of the post links to his myspace now. Word!

Apr 7, 2009


The more I listen to Javelin , the more I feel like I'm hanging out at the beach. His Caribbean infused tunes have a down right crunkness to 2 step with and poppy flair that just gets you all fuzzy with catepillar smiles that can't help but evolve into butterflies of dance! Ever so dynamic with Susie Cue's hippity hop, while Soda Popinski brings you some 8 bit midi love to chew on.

Also to note - - Andean Ocean Tape B, Javelin takes you on a cruise of rhythmic and vocal experimentation exploring the Southern hemisphere of sound. Appropriately so, Javelin is on the Luaka Bop label and shortly will be on tour, so check out the MySpace for the latest updates.

Javelin - Digits

Javelin - Africadabra

Check out these animated music videos and tracks for more inspiration from Javelin.

Green screen weekend leisure video... super brass construction by Bennett Williamson. Speaker suit by Teddy Ruxpin with computer assisted professor!!!

Javelin - Soda Popinski from Ian McAlpin on Vimeo.

The Sea Floor Sea Urchin Dance Troupe dance to Javelin's "Soda Popinski." A music video directed & animated by Ian McAlpin. Part of the Official Selection for SXSW 2009.

Apr 6, 2009


::rain:: ::rain:: ::rain::

Here's a band for a rainy day from Los Angeles, CA called Gliss. They're currently about to release their new album Devotion Implosion on the Rykodisc label tomorrow [April 7th]. The digital release will be put out through Cordless Recordings.

Similar to the likes of My Bloody Valentine or the Ravonettes. . . Gliss's shoegazed power-pop sound with Victoria Cecilia’s icey, yet smooth vocals create that droney meditative state of mind that seems to find a home in the background fuzz over some tea on gloomy rainy day. Although, their song 29 Acts of Love isn't so mellow...check 'em out.

Gliss - 29 Acts of Love

Gliss- Morning Light

Apr 4, 2009

M. Ward - Chinese Translation

Woke up to a beautiful spring day in Chapel Hill, NC and it reminded me of M. Ward's album "Post War". In particular, the song "Chinese Translation". It's one of those songs that you can listen to and come back to time after time. It also has a beautifully done animation with a super troop collaboration - Directors Joel Trussell and Eric Johnson, animators Gene Blakefield and Darin Bendall additional art assistance from Chris Chua.

Apr 1, 2009

Be Yr Own Hero FEST! - Wilmington, NC

Hey CREATIVE PEOPLE! Here's your chance to explore and connect with the Southeastern region that has become the Ninjatronics Lab's humble adobe under the sea.  Our friends at Be Yr Own Hero are accepting applications for this year's and now >> 3rd Annual Be Yr Own Hero Fest<< which will be held on the weekend of Sept. 5-6, 2009.

Be Yr Own Hero Fest is an annual radical Do It Yourself (DIY) festival in Wilmington, NC. It includes workships, info sessions, awesome live music, amazing art, free stuff, free food, lots of fun and friends from far away and close by. 

The deadline is JULY 19th for submissions, so check your calendars and plan ahead, you don't want to miss out on the fun. Click on this link for more information on how to submit.  

Mar 31, 2009


I first heard Steinski over the internets...while listening to WVFS-Tallahassee aka V89, ::hollah:: and got a whiff of the throwback scene that y'all should monetize on.  Mr. Steve Stein has become an influential producer in hiphop, sampling with cut & paste  - just as Girl Talk does today, is how Steinksi threw down in the 1980's with his phat 12'' series.

But it wasn't until an October ago (2008) that Steinski released a collection, an actual album of all his greatness and collabs "What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective" on the Illegal Art label. Along with partner Double Dee (Douglas DiFranco), the album features tracks "The Lessons" and "The Payoff Mix" that were originals for Tommy Boy Records in the early 1980s. The analog tape cuts - that were widely bootlegged, pioneered the mash up craze that has been sparkin' up in the world of hiphop and dance music production today (Diddy + remix =no!). 

I'm recruiting you to the 80's cult (weren't you born in the era of frizz 'n glitter?) that has formulated around Steinski's New York hiphop and urban music revolution, which also includes the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix, Grandmaster Flash and The Bomb Squad.

You can find most songs and samples here but check out The Payoff Mix for instant gratification.

Steinski also is a supah aficionado of jazz (where else do you get those awesome loops?)- so check out his compilation "This Jazz is Hot, Vol.1" which was released at the end of the year in December 2008 featuring Jazz tunes from 1927 - 1947. It was debuted on Vibrations Music, a French music magazine, if you parle the French, check out the article here. 

Mar 27, 2009

Micachu and the Shapes

Micachu, moniker for British musician Mica Levi, just released her debut album "Jewellery" with backing band, the Shapes. Its a constant back and forth between popcrack and rhythmically complex experimental snap crackle and popping. 'Golden Phone' and 'Wrong' are me favorites but you dont have to take my word for it. Its wild. I cant quit it. Go get it!


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Was browsing on the internetz and saw this animation on my amiga's tumblr. If you already know about Blu, then you're in the loop. Here is MUTO, the latest short film by Blu, "an ambiguous animation painted on public walls." This particular short was made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche). It's beautiful, creepy, a labor of love and pretty mindblowing [at least on my end]. Music by Andrea Martignoni. Produced by Mercurio Film.

::You can follow Blu's blog here:: currently in Italia ::

Mar 26, 2009

From the Inbox

So I've got a few tracks that were sent to us via the inbox. Fellow electrons nonetheless. Check 'em out fo yo self and tell us what you think. If you are an artist and would like to send tracks our way EMAIL us :: :: see ya in the inbox, hollahh.

Dallas triphop/downtempo masters Shock of Pleasure get the techy-electro rework from up and coming heavy weights Left/Right and veteran DJ/Producer DJ Merritt. Silky and sultry vocals stutter, filter, and float over a barrage of clever synth riffs, explosive basslines, and driving beats. The Full EP (including the extended remix) is set to be released in April of 2009, making this top notch remix a must-have for SXSW / WMC!

Shock of Pleasure – Not My Angel (Left/Right vs DJ Merritt Remix) Radio Edit

Retroid – Everyday Hero (Left/Right Remix) Sample Edit

The full versions of these tracks can be purchased at Beatport.

In case you not familiar with The Kickdrums, they hail from Cleveland, Ohio producing for a lot of hip hop artists like Chamillionaire, 50 cent, Kid Cudi and many more. They've also done official remixes for acts such as Kanye West, Fall out Boy and Adele. Most recently they've started releasing their own material as artists. Check out their mash up "Fading In and Out" Kid Cudi's "Ask About Me" and Dj Class's "I'm The Ish".

The Kickdrums- Fading In & Out (KiD CuDi x DJ Class Mash-up)

The Kickdrums - Fading In & Out (Original)

Mar 25, 2009

YR WALL by Lumacoustics

YrWall 2008 Showreel - Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall from Lumacoustics on Vimeo.

Lumacoustics is a group of artisans who specialize in bespoke versatile stage design, interactive AV installations , multi-screen projection , custom screen design and rigging, diverse high quality content, real-time audio synced visuals, advanced visual programming with dynamic backdrops in order to promote event focussed communication solutions (straight from their site).

Currently their flagship product is the interactive digital graffiti wall named YrWall.

YrWall is an interactive drawing tool where users create virtual digital graffiti on a large wall using a modified spray paint can. It is basically graffiti with a can that contains no paint, only a button and sensor which is tracked using a computer. A pop-out interface is provided which enables the user to work with digital paint to create their own digital graffiti artwork.

No more swapping paint cans to change colour or having to wear a face mask and gloves, this is totally environmentally friendly and accessible by anyone without any prior computer or graffiti skills.

YrWall - Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall, Cordy House from Lumacoustics on Vimeo.

Check out my friend Erin Wilson create some art! For more videos, visit the Lumacoustics Vimeo site.

Mar 24, 2009

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival

On April 1st, 2009 the first ever - one time only - Cheese Sandwich Film Festival will be happening right here in Wilmington, NC. The Cheese Sandwich Film Festival Society will be screening experimental, documentary, narrative, and animated shorts focusing on the sexy cheese sandwich. There will also be a CHEESE SANDWICH cookoff! More details at the CSFF Society website.

What are the stipulations for the films?

1. The film has to be about a cheese sandwich. This can be loose.
2. The film must be creative.
3. The film must be under 3 minutes!!!!

4. Deadline for submission is March 29th in which all films MUST be sent with bribes!

The CSFF Organization hasn't finalized all of the categories of the competition, but the following are known:

*Fan Favortie - Wins All Bribes Given
* Best Lesbian Gay Bi-sexal Transgendered submission - Be Yr Own Queero will be giving the award for the BEST LGBTQ Film.
* Best Experimental
* Best Documentary
* Best Feature/Narrative
* Best Animation

When: Wednesday April 1st , 2009 (how clever)
$$$!: General Admission $5, Student Admission $4, Free admission for Filmmakers !!!
Where: @ Jengo's Playhouse on 815 Princess St.

Check out the bumpers for the Festival! Some of us at the Ninjatronics Lab are working on something - so come on out and watch some magic happen YOOOOO.

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival Bump from Daniel Moser on Vimeo.

Mar 21, 2009

Soft Opressor aka Tara Jane O’Neil

softops, originally uploaded by soft oppressor.


fingerf**k, originally uploaded by soft oppressor.


TJO is quite the artist...check out her flickr site here for more art.