May 8, 2009

Paolo Garcia - So it goes...

Paolo Garcia is a traveling animator/filmmaker, waiting to set foot in France to work on the animated television series hit Wakfu. He currently resides in Philadelphia, but So It Goes... was part of his final project for the Vancouver Film School which was made for a Classical Animation course.

Garcia got the idea from watching the episode Plains from the hit series Planet Earth, what caught his eye in particular were the snow geese. "I remember seeing a fox, and it raided a nest of chicks. It wasn't content with one, so it tried to get five into it's mouth at once, then the snow geese mom and dad came, and the fox dropped them all, but they were already dead. Then the fox slyly backs off, and grabs the only one still alive and runs with it... It was so ironic I thought and such a kind of testament to how survival is very very cruel, but also it's the mechanism of life, and how the world works, I mean sometimes it just doesn't make sense." - PG

It is an abstract representation of the mythology of creation. It's about life, the universe, and everything... except don't take it too seriously. Evolution and beauty are demolished by the monster, who the little creature believes is it's parent, and tries to beg for food, brutally ending the evolutionary chain.

::Garcia Insight::
Check out Pencil, it's a free software that you can use to animate as opposed to using Toon Boom which costs an arm and a leg, or Flash which, well... looks like flash.

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