Mar 31, 2009


I first heard Steinski over the internets...while listening to WVFS-Tallahassee aka V89, ::hollah:: and got a whiff of the throwback scene that y'all should monetize on.  Mr. Steve Stein has become an influential producer in hiphop, sampling with cut & paste  - just as Girl Talk does today, is how Steinksi threw down in the 1980's with his phat 12'' series.

But it wasn't until an October ago (2008) that Steinski released a collection, an actual album of all his greatness and collabs "What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective" on the Illegal Art label. Along with partner Double Dee (Douglas DiFranco), the album features tracks "The Lessons" and "The Payoff Mix" that were originals for Tommy Boy Records in the early 1980s. The analog tape cuts - that were widely bootlegged, pioneered the mash up craze that has been sparkin' up in the world of hiphop and dance music production today (Diddy + remix =no!). 

I'm recruiting you to the 80's cult (weren't you born in the era of frizz 'n glitter?) that has formulated around Steinski's New York hiphop and urban music revolution, which also includes the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix, Grandmaster Flash and The Bomb Squad.

You can find most songs and samples here but check out The Payoff Mix for instant gratification.

Steinski also is a supah aficionado of jazz (where else do you get those awesome loops?)- so check out his compilation "This Jazz is Hot, Vol.1" which was released at the end of the year in December 2008 featuring Jazz tunes from 1927 - 1947. It was debuted on Vibrations Music, a French music magazine, if you parle the French, check out the article here. 

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