Apr 25, 2009

Voices Voices - Tape Noon

VOICES VOICES are Jenean Farris and Nico Turner, a two piece ethereal, provocative ambient experience from Los Angeles. The duo first met a Xu Xu Fang concert last summer...and took on a whole new approach to making music as they explored the drum 'n drone of the experimental electronic soundscape by learning instruments from scratch, enabling them "to be more childlike, more unaffected by adulthood by stripping the intellectual knowledge away from you, liberating your imagination" - VV

VOICES VOICES embody their work with delicate haunting loops and a magnetizing pull that slips you a seductive pill diffusing into subconscious states of mind. They [wo]man the weather as they meddle with the atmospheric properties of sound...seeding their audience into a pool of crashing soundwaves.

Their self-released Sounds Outside EP is available over at Ameoba and currently are working on a full length album due out late 2009.

::Interesting fact:: The ladies from VOICES VOICES spent two months volunteering with the No On 8 campaign , protesting, calling on the phones...hollaa! Doing all sorts of good <3

Voices Voices - Tape Noon

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