Jun 23, 2009

The Woods - The Final Breaths of a Main Character

Our fellow amigos The Woods from Tallahassee, FL have been getting busy with music and video making (I is proud of yous!). The official release of "The Final Breathes of a Main Character" is creating a BUZZ with their new [EP] The EP Logue. This is the first music video from The Woods singer Ian Dudley, being trapped in a nautical world of his own imagination. Lets all go sailing on beds and make some ocean friends!

The acoustic/experimental/folk artista Ian Dudley released his self/titled project back in 2008 , with 40 handmade DIY CD book encasings (WVFS got one!) that took 11 days to record under Plug Research. The wide release of his official first album - A Bird That Cannot Fly was distributed via the tiny Living with Ghost Records imprint. Definitely check out the previous album - which was recorded as a lo-fi project with friends to help Ian's storytelling come to life. This music video was part of the WondersTV internet sensation . . . directed by Raul B. Fernandez : A WONDERS PRODUCTION!

The Woods was also featured on All Things Considered back in the day, check out the NPR review here.

The digital release for the EP Logue is free!

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