May 4, 2009

The Static Fanatic

Rummaging through blogs is tough. So here's a lil blog that a fellow matey of ours writes for called The Static Fanatic which is based on the expanding noise/experimental music scene from a Wilmington scope and beyounddddd.

Carl (blogman!) also happens to be one of the elements found in The Khakazians. As known as the Caucasians910, the two piece comprised of Carl and Alli, who performed this past weekend over at the Be Yr Own Hero HYPE Fundraiser (held at the Juggling Gypsy). I got all giddy inside when I saw them use an Alesis Air Synth amongst other goodies as their experimental sound evolved throughout the set. They've got a few shows coming up, including one for Wilmington's WE FEST XIII which will be held this May 21st - 25th.

If you're looking for more on the Wilmington Noise scene check out 910 Noise, which is a group of artists sharing the same ideals of art & sound to showcase noise & experimental acts in the 910 area. And don't forget to holla at The Static Fanatic .


the static fanatic said...

thanks for rep'n' the blog/ but please approach with caution! that stuff is the rill dill, harsh noise! stuff is for sickies!

also we are called by one name, but SPELLED by many! caw cajuns! cow cajuns! cock cajuns! cooked caged ands! chaulk pagans! chaulk agents!
cock agents! cookcaucasains (with mc cook)! crunk cajuns! cooked cajuns!
cockasians! and caucasians (for the paper since they refuse to use any of the other versions.. seriously, they won't/ although they usually just change it without asking)

teknacolorninja said...

caaa caaawwwww!

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