Mar 31, 2009


I first heard Steinski over the internets...while listening to WVFS-Tallahassee aka V89, ::hollah:: and got a whiff of the throwback scene that y'all should monetize on.  Mr. Steve Stein has become an influential producer in hiphop, sampling with cut & paste  - just as Girl Talk does today, is how Steinksi threw down in the 1980's with his phat 12'' series.

But it wasn't until an October ago (2008) that Steinski released a collection, an actual album of all his greatness and collabs "What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective" on the Illegal Art label. Along with partner Double Dee (Douglas DiFranco), the album features tracks "The Lessons" and "The Payoff Mix" that were originals for Tommy Boy Records in the early 1980s. The analog tape cuts - that were widely bootlegged, pioneered the mash up craze that has been sparkin' up in the world of hiphop and dance music production today (Diddy + remix =no!). 

I'm recruiting you to the 80's cult (weren't you born in the era of frizz 'n glitter?) that has formulated around Steinski's New York hiphop and urban music revolution, which also includes the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix, Grandmaster Flash and The Bomb Squad.

You can find most songs and samples here but check out The Payoff Mix for instant gratification.

Steinski also is a supah aficionado of jazz (where else do you get those awesome loops?)- so check out his compilation "This Jazz is Hot, Vol.1" which was released at the end of the year in December 2008 featuring Jazz tunes from 1927 - 1947. It was debuted on Vibrations Music, a French music magazine, if you parle the French, check out the article here. 

Mar 27, 2009

Micachu and the Shapes

Micachu, moniker for British musician Mica Levi, just released her debut album "Jewellery" with backing band, the Shapes. Its a constant back and forth between popcrack and rhythmically complex experimental snap crackle and popping. 'Golden Phone' and 'Wrong' are me favorites but you dont have to take my word for it. Its wild. I cant quit it. Go get it!


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Was browsing on the internetz and saw this animation on my amiga's tumblr. If you already know about Blu, then you're in the loop. Here is MUTO, the latest short film by Blu, "an ambiguous animation painted on public walls." This particular short was made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche). It's beautiful, creepy, a labor of love and pretty mindblowing [at least on my end]. Music by Andrea Martignoni. Produced by Mercurio Film.

::You can follow Blu's blog here:: currently in Italia ::

Mar 26, 2009

From the Inbox

So I've got a few tracks that were sent to us via the inbox. Fellow electrons nonetheless. Check 'em out fo yo self and tell us what you think. If you are an artist and would like to send tracks our way EMAIL us :: :: see ya in the inbox, hollahh.

Dallas triphop/downtempo masters Shock of Pleasure get the techy-electro rework from up and coming heavy weights Left/Right and veteran DJ/Producer DJ Merritt. Silky and sultry vocals stutter, filter, and float over a barrage of clever synth riffs, explosive basslines, and driving beats. The Full EP (including the extended remix) is set to be released in April of 2009, making this top notch remix a must-have for SXSW / WMC!

Shock of Pleasure – Not My Angel (Left/Right vs DJ Merritt Remix) Radio Edit

Retroid – Everyday Hero (Left/Right Remix) Sample Edit

The full versions of these tracks can be purchased at Beatport.

In case you not familiar with The Kickdrums, they hail from Cleveland, Ohio producing for a lot of hip hop artists like Chamillionaire, 50 cent, Kid Cudi and many more. They've also done official remixes for acts such as Kanye West, Fall out Boy and Adele. Most recently they've started releasing their own material as artists. Check out their mash up "Fading In and Out" Kid Cudi's "Ask About Me" and Dj Class's "I'm The Ish".

The Kickdrums- Fading In & Out (KiD CuDi x DJ Class Mash-up)

The Kickdrums - Fading In & Out (Original)

Mar 25, 2009

YR WALL by Lumacoustics

YrWall 2008 Showreel - Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall from Lumacoustics on Vimeo.

Lumacoustics is a group of artisans who specialize in bespoke versatile stage design, interactive AV installations , multi-screen projection , custom screen design and rigging, diverse high quality content, real-time audio synced visuals, advanced visual programming with dynamic backdrops in order to promote event focussed communication solutions (straight from their site).

Currently their flagship product is the interactive digital graffiti wall named YrWall.

YrWall is an interactive drawing tool where users create virtual digital graffiti on a large wall using a modified spray paint can. It is basically graffiti with a can that contains no paint, only a button and sensor which is tracked using a computer. A pop-out interface is provided which enables the user to work with digital paint to create their own digital graffiti artwork.

No more swapping paint cans to change colour or having to wear a face mask and gloves, this is totally environmentally friendly and accessible by anyone without any prior computer or graffiti skills.

YrWall - Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall, Cordy House from Lumacoustics on Vimeo.

Check out my friend Erin Wilson create some art! For more videos, visit the Lumacoustics Vimeo site.

Mar 24, 2009

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival

On April 1st, 2009 the first ever - one time only - Cheese Sandwich Film Festival will be happening right here in Wilmington, NC. The Cheese Sandwich Film Festival Society will be screening experimental, documentary, narrative, and animated shorts focusing on the sexy cheese sandwich. There will also be a CHEESE SANDWICH cookoff! More details at the CSFF Society website.

What are the stipulations for the films?

1. The film has to be about a cheese sandwich. This can be loose.
2. The film must be creative.
3. The film must be under 3 minutes!!!!

4. Deadline for submission is March 29th in which all films MUST be sent with bribes!

The CSFF Organization hasn't finalized all of the categories of the competition, but the following are known:

*Fan Favortie - Wins All Bribes Given
* Best Lesbian Gay Bi-sexal Transgendered submission - Be Yr Own Queero will be giving the award for the BEST LGBTQ Film.
* Best Experimental
* Best Documentary
* Best Feature/Narrative
* Best Animation

When: Wednesday April 1st , 2009 (how clever)
$$$!: General Admission $5, Student Admission $4, Free admission for Filmmakers !!!
Where: @ Jengo's Playhouse on 815 Princess St.

Check out the bumpers for the Festival! Some of us at the Ninjatronics Lab are working on something - so come on out and watch some magic happen YOOOOO.

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival Bump from Daniel Moser on Vimeo.

Mar 21, 2009

Soft Opressor aka Tara Jane O’Neil

softops, originally uploaded by soft oppressor.


fingerf**k, originally uploaded by soft oppressor.


TJO is quite the artist...check out her flickr site here for more art.

Mar 20, 2009

Thao Ngugen and The Get Down Stay Down

According to Thao Nguyen, she has two talents: her first is she has a knack for beat-boxing and humming at the same time (Rahzel needn’t worry about any competition just yet though…) and her second, and in her opinion finest, is that she had a capacity to watch so much TV as a kid, she’s convinced her personality is made up of several different sitcom characters. Of course Thao, the 23 year Virginia-bred songwriter, is forgetting her unique voice, natural sense for a good melody, and striking lyrics, skillful guitar plucking and her deadly dry sense of humour. Thao’s debut for Kill Rock Stars, showcases all these talents and more, proving she’s a star in the making.

This music video for Thao and The Get Down Stay Down 's song "Swimming Pools" was directed by Clyde Petersen who's the lead singer for Your Heat Breaks, check out his site HERE! to learn more about his queercore & hot makeout parties.

::I love how there are rainbows, stenciling/tagging and bicycles in the vid::

You might recognize the song "Bag of Hammers" below, check out that CLAYMATION CITY!

Directed by Clyde Petersen and Forrest Baum.

Mar 19, 2009

Queer bands at SXSW

xposted to queero:

If you’re in Austin TX this week, be sure to check out and support these queer/queer-allied bands!

Tara Jane O’Neil

tara jane o'neil



wednesday, march 18 @ beauty bar 10:15 pm
friday, march 20 @ domy books 4:00 pm
saturday, march 21 @ a house party on 44th st. at 2:00

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

this bike is a pipe bomb



wednesday, march 18 @ Habana Bar 12:15am

An Horse

an horse



wednesday, march 18 @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 12:00am
saturday, march 21 @ Emo’s Jr 10:00pm

The Coathangers

the coathangers



wednesday, march 18 @ Red Eyed Fly 9:00pm





wednesday, march 18 @ stubb’s 9:00pm

des ark

des ark



friday, march 20 @ a house show (2515 E. 2nd St) 8:00pm
saturday, march 21 @ The Radio Room 4:20pm
saturday, march 21 @ Spiro’s 10:00pm

Shunda K



wednesday, march 18 @ Music Gym 8:00pm
thursday, march 19 @ Revolution 8:00pm
friday, march 20 @ Creekside Lounge 8:00pm
saturday, march 21 @ a house party 8:00pm
sunday, march 22 @ GAYxGAYGAY 6:00pm

Girl in a Coma



wednesday, march 18 @ SEAC Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center 1:00pm
wednesday, march 18 @ Maggie Mae’s 10:30pm


A GAY MUSIC FESTIVAL HAPPENING ON THE LAST DAY OF SXSW. SUNDAY MARCH 22nd 10:00am until—all the night long. 4604 kitty ave. (thats where springdale meets MLK, and then just to the southeast) FREE, ALL-AGES
more info:

any other queer bands? get in touch info at beyrownqueero dot com

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush

The track :Sudden Rush: was originally released back in early 2004, but OYE (hey in spanish)...the hipsters still redeem its place in the indie scene. Erlend Oye has that smooth melancholy yet quirky sensible voice that blends into his electro love songs. This music video on the other hand was directed by Jarvis Cocker - best known for fronting the band Pulp.

The charmful Norweigen first starting making songs with his bud Erik Glambek Boe as Kings of Convenience releasing Quiet Is the New Loud back in 2001. Erlend then pursued a musical career leading him to the creation Unrest which was released on Astralwerks in 2003- comprised of ten ambient dance songs recorded in ten cities with ten different collaborators like Royskopp fellow Norwegian-label-mates, Soviet from Brooklyn, Warp star Prefuse 73, Schneider TM, to mention a few. KOC came back with their more memorable release in 2004 Riot on an Empty Street with the pop ballad hit "I'd Rather Dance With You" . . .and "Surprise Ice".

These days Erlend Oye is being himself...and a DJ! ::whut whut:: Apparently spinning electronica and adding his own touch of vocals over the instrumentals. Get it, get it!

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix)

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (with Kompis)

Mar 18, 2009

Robokraut Art - Freak City

We've been getting freaky under the sea...and here's what's become of it! This is robokraut's "Freak City". I haven't been able to set up the Flickr slideshow just yet... but join our Flickr account to see our slowly but growing gallery! If you have art and would like to have it featured on Ninjatronics Lab, please email

Mar 17, 2009

More new Röyksopp

Following Scantron's post about Röyksopp, here is the Datasette remix of the first track and single from Junior. It's featured on the "Happy Up Here" CDS along with a Boyz Noize remix (amazing!) and a Breakbot remix.

MP3 :: Röyksopp - Happy Up Here (Datasette Remix)

Magic Heart Genies - Multicultures

Magic Heart Genies are making a name for themselves as the west coast's frrreesshest underground collaboration with Myka 9 lyricizing, JtheSarge prophetizing and DJ Drez laying down the beats.  A cluster of hip-hop with reggae undertones and a notable world music influence -  together they released "Heartifact" on  Alpha Pup Records  with label mates Busdriver and Daedulus

Check out their sounds - and yea, that's Humboldt, CA's  three-piece horn section "Fat Back". I love me some french horn. Check out at their sweet comic-inspired website with more info. 

Mar 15, 2009

Royksopp's new album featuring Lykke Li

Royksopp's newest album Junior will be released this month on the 23rd. The album has some familiar faces appearing through out it, including Karin Dreijer (The Knife, Fever Ray), Robyn, Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto), and Lykke Li. I know there's a bunch of Lykke Li fans that read this blog, so check out the song "Miss you so much" below.

It doesn't end there though, Royksopp is able to create an amazing collection of songs that still have their Royksopp-feel to them while also incorporating some new sounds. This album is definitely contains more radio-friendly songs like "True to Life". But it also has some dark and mood setting moements (which of course I love!), like "Silver Cruiser", which has faint similarities to The Field and Radiohead, and "Royksopp Forever" where violins and cellos create a chaotic and beautiful climax.

Miss you so much - Royksopp (feat. Lykke Li)

Mar 13, 2009

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - My Baby

Earlier this week, musicnotetaker posted about The Take Away Shows at La Blogotheque. I have been addicted to the video of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's performing "My Baby". Guitarist and Vocalists, Richard Edwards quietly strums and sings the song as violins glide in and out and random percussion sounds are created by whatever objects are available. The songs climaxes and ends with the band and their friends singing along to the song. This video gave me goosebumps and filled my heart. It reminded me of how beautiful music can be and the power it has to bring people together to all sing along.

Everyone should have friends like these.

Margot and the Nuclear So & So's - My Baby - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Daedelus - Sundown

Here's the video/animation to Daedelus's song "Sundown" off the album Denies The Day's Demise which was released on Mush Records back in 2006. The video was directed by Clay Lipsky,the multi-Emmy Award winning designer/director based in Los Angeles.

I like how Clay personifies the lines and uses them as heroes (and Daedelus's music playing!) to bring back the sunshine to a dismal factory-infested city. An environmental message, fo sho. My favorite part are the choppy stop-motion bits juxtaposed with the capoeira-like percussion line that busts out mid-song, brightening up the saddened electro overtones.

Daedulus is now on the Ninjatune label releasing memorable songs like "Fair Weather Friends" from the album Love To Make Music...which also is a sweet animation worth checking out.

Check out this phat remix of Daedelus's more recent work Hrs:Mins:Sec (Etan remix) with Shuttle doing the mix. Shuttle originally hails from Southern Maryland (301/240!!!) growing up with the B'more/DC electronic/club scene...moving on to the Boston underground jamming out with his tightly knit Basstown crew. His highly anticipated debut release will feature Cadence Weapon and a remix by fellow up and comer High Rankin courtesy of Ninja Tune worldwide.

PS. did anyone notice how there have been two FRIDAY 13th's in a row this year?

Mar 12, 2009

Harvest of Hope Recap

Harvest of Hope was a musical bliss with Florida's punk and indie scene melding into a cluster of sunshine, sweat and sunburn. There were so many artists at the festival...and I'd hate to NOT mention all bands, but here's my scope on how HOH went down:

::most energetic::
Monotonix was incredible! The 3 piece band got dirty - and by dirty I mean head diving into the pit with mud on their faces. Unconventional and nomadic, they didn't even set up on stage - they migrated through the crowd, peaking everyone's curiosity as each song was played. Lead singer Ami Shalev commanded us into chants , encouraging crowdsurfing while he made his rounds floating on top. Yonatan Gat's lucious locks streamed in the wind while posing on the stage rails - guitar in air belting out headspinners, while drummer Ran Shimoni and his whole drumset was raised into air battling beats - getting the crowd to jam along with him (you should've seen the other bands looking on Ami when he climbed up the huge stereo sound system before diving back into the crowd). The Israeli influence was definitely there but Monotonix just takes it to the next level channeling legends like Led Zeppelin - here's a snippet of the Tel Aviv-based band: Body Language.

OK OK...don't want to forget Wu-Tang, since they are a given. Put yo hands up and do the wuuuuuuuu taaaaaang , wuuuuuu tannnng. W !

::newbies but goodies::
SunBears! was adorable. I happened to stumble on into their set and was blown away by the duo with Jonathan on piano/leads and Jared on drums while a cheesy but effective visualizer strobed behind them. Check out their track "I'm Alive". They also happen to be from Florida.

::most satisfying::
I was so happy to see The Mountain Goats, well John Darnielle ...although I know I'm going to make it through this year...having not seen Peter Hughes. I was so smitten when he played Tallahassee (i heart that place) when the crowd cheered "I HOPE U DIE, I HOPE WE BOTH DIE" ::sigh:: a sigh of satisfaction.

::the tearjerker::
I wish I could put Dave Dondero in my back pocket so he could sing to me at a moment's notice about all his travels and woes. On stage he lit up with his acoustic set - even more genuine than a rugged pair of Levis, this Californian bred can lay it on thick with his sincere lyrics that make alt-country americana folk, rock harder than ever. Here's his take, a ode to Florida if ya will "South of the South".

::local sensation::
Black Kids is a 5 piece band hailing from Jacksonville,FL and boy are they charming! They've been making headway across the US with their upbeat pop 'n dancey tracks. Here's a remix done by The Twelves of their song "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You"...

This was Deerhunter's first time playing at a festival and I'm shoooooo glad they did. The swirling sound of psychedelic-surfy guitars got me all fuzzy and put me into a musi-coma. I walked away wanting more and disappointed that they couldn't play a full set. Check out their song "Little Kids" from their latest release Microcastle and here's the track that got me going "Wash Off" off their Florescent Grey EP could just play their album on repeat on a sunny afternoon in the grass sipping on some o-Jizzle.

::amazing live::
So when Health came out with an album release last year, I thought that they were pretty intense other than their light-hearted smash Glitter Pills on their split 7" with Crystal Castles. I had to step into their world of electroslashin trashing guitars with massive feedback and tribal beats. But they do it so WELL. If you get a chance to catch 'em on tour, you bettah. They'll be in Greensboro,NC March 25th @ Green St. Club. For more tour dates click here.

::bands i didn't see that i really wanted to::
I suck for not having gotten to the festival in time to see King Khan and the Shrines, along with Girl Talk. Bummertown.

::last words::
Did you know that The Harvest of Hope was a benefit? Uh, yeah, this festival was created to raise awareness for the non-profit organization "Harvest of Hope" that provides financial, educational, and service oriented aid to migrant farm workers all over the country. A great fest indeed.

Mar 11, 2009

Win a Graniph t-shirt from 3 Snapshots

As many of you already know, I write a separate music blog called GET OFF THE COAST. has given me a free Graniph t-shirt to give away. For free. All you have to do is click here and leave a comment with your name and email address, and I'll pick a winner at random at the end of the week. So go do that.

Mar 10, 2009

Arcade Fire -Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Covered by Rock-afire

Who is Rock-afire? duh it's the Showbiz Pizza house band! Aaron Fechter, the guy who created these characters and the whole function system, programs these things to play cover songs. It's pretty on point. and pretty hysterical. I remember when I was little and had a birthday party at Showbiz. Those things always creeped me out!

check out more gems like MGMT, Usher, Shakira and more at YouTube. The Shakira one is absolutely ridiculous it's so good.

La Blogotheque

French filmmaker, Vincent Moon, shoots and uploads onto his Paris-based blog, a weekly series of fresh music videos. Instead of inviting bands into sets or studios, he convinces them to perform outside, on rooftops, in elevators, bathrooms, the streets (free concerts!). They are impromptu, often improvised, uncut, unique performances from up and coming bands. Moon has filmed Arcade Fire, Architecture in Helsinki, Final Fantasy, Animal Collective, Man Man, Bowerbirds, and Grizzly Bear to name a few. I wont tell you which one to watch because they're all good. They're called the Take Away Shows.

Mar 5, 2009


I've recently been listening to a lot of Lo-Fi Fuzz Noise Pop etc. stuff. (I hate categorizing so I just call it by everything I can attach it to.) Dum Dum Girls fit right into that oh so specific category. They recently released some pretty awesome videos for their songs "Catholicked" and "Blank Girl", two of their most solid songs. Check out "Catholicked" above, which features old footage of a girl being catholicked spliced together, and "Blank Girl" below.

Mixtape Club


Mixtape Club is a collective comprised of three people, Chris Smith, Jesse Casey, and Michelle Higa. As far as I know, this creative and dynamic trio met while studying at a university, and with their animation forces combined, they ended up creating some pretty powerful stuff.

Since then, their talents have been recognized and they've started getting hired by some big time names, to create videos for everybody from My Morning Jacket to Nike to Yo Gabba Gabba to Bette Midler to Yeasayer to Showtime (for the series 'The Tudors').

They don't stop at music videos, though! If you follow this link you can check out some of their actual Mixtapes, (although they aren't actually mixed up, it's more like a playlist/podcast).

Make sure to check out their website Mixtape Club because the videos look much better downloaded as HD MP4s (although it actually just streams them), and if you're really interested, there's a few 'behind the scenes' shorts that are just as intriguing as the videos themselves!

Harvest of Hope Fest

Some of us from the Ninjatronics Crew are heading down to St. Augustine, FL for the Harvest of Hope Fest!

Since Langerado was canceled this year, Broken Social Scene decided to pull out of the HOH fest...which would've been nice to go see, but - with 4 stages, still a killer line up. I smell a podcast. . .

Here's whats on my list in no particular order:

- Deerhunter
- Health
- King Khan and the Shrines
- Girl Talk
- Murs
- Harlem Shakes
- GZA/Genius
- Kool Keith
- Ra Ra Riot
- Diplo
- The National
- Her Space Holiday
- The Mae Shi
- The Mountain Goats
- Monotonix
- Dave Dondero
- Black Kids

Mar 4, 2009

Dr, Dre - Goin' Off (Rare Roadium Swap Meet mixtape)

The Roadium Open Air Market is an outdoors market in L.A. teeming with hundreds of merchant stands and thousands of bootlegged, questionable, or just plain bizarre things for sale. While more or less a flea market on crack, it also holds swap meets in which people bring items and trade each other for their sundry goods. In the mid-80s the Roadium swap meets were a hotspot for upcoming DJs to come trade mixtapes and get a feel for each others' sound and the rising hip-hop movement in general, and a young artist by the name of Dr. Dre was often in attendance. He brought with him some of the freshest beats and the lyrical stylings of some notable early hip-hop artists such as L.L. Cool J and 2 Live Crew. My personal favorite of the dozen or so mixtapes he produced for these swap meets would have to be Goin' Off, circa 1986ish. Side A of the album is some true hardcore shit with mad scratching and heavy beats, but the real awesomeness for me comes on Side B, a half hour electro hip-hop dance party that'll make you shake your ass while chanting along to "hey hey, we want some pussssssssayyyyy!" Even Kraftwerk makes an appearance in the mix, for god's sake.

And so I present to you, for a limited time, both the streaming and downloadable versions of the complete Goin' Off album. Get it while it's hot! (Or reheated, anyway.)

Happy dancing everybody.

Mar 2, 2009

Gospel - The Moon Is A Dead World

So i was looking up the band envy and went to their labels page and saw their roster and saw all the other bands that are now, and have been on that label (level plane records) and listened to all the mp3s they had and found Gospel. Holy dick punch Batman. I got so pumped listening to this record that I almost puked. They have very high energy, up tempo, hairpin turns, highly percussive, raw screamy kinda vocals. with that kind of singing im not usually a huge fan of, but works in this outfit pretty well. They are set pretty low in the overall mix, so i feel that its not much of a hindrance to them. Sadly I don't know if they are still around and playing shows, but I hope they are.

I would describe them with a likeness to some bands like Cinemechanica, a hint of The Mars Volta, also some sections are very Red Sparrows'ish.


Yet another awesome band from nyc, Telepathe, made up of Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais. They will be hitting the road for the next two months, starting out at SXSW and then opening for the Faint & Ladytron in April.

The video below is for the song "So Fine" which is on their album Dance Mother, scheduled to come out April 14th through IAMSOUND Records. The video was directed by Katherine Nolfi.

In an interview with Busy and Melissa, they stated that they prefer to collaborate "with women only" and that they get "bored by having to stick to our 'roles'". Check out the video, I like the grocery store scene and the choreographed dance scene the most.

Their tour dates w/ the Faint and Ladytron are below. Check their myspace for SXSW dates:

April​ 1st Milwa​ukee,​ WI @ Turne​r Hall Ballr​oom
April​ 2nd Minne​apoli​s,​ MN @ First​ Avenu​e
April​ 3rd Chica​go,​ IL @ Metro​
April​ 4th Chica​go,​ IL @ Metro​
April​ 6th Toron​to,​ ON @ Phoen​ix Theat​re
April​ 7th Montr​eal,​ QC @ Theat​re Telus​
April​ 8th Bosto​n,​ MA @ House​ of Blues​
April​ 10th New York,​ NY @ Webst​er Hall
April​ 11 New York,​ NY @ Webst​er Hall
April​ 13th Phila​delph​ia.​ PA @ The Troca​dero
April​ 14th Washi​ngton​,​ DC @ 9:30 Club

Gang Gang Dance

I'm a little late jumping onto the Gang Gang Dance epidemic, but I had seen their name everywhere but just never had the chance to hear them until they came on my station while I was at work. The song that got me was Nomad for Love which you can listen to for free at Check out the video above to see their live performance. Their experimental sounds start off slow, but then transgress into a unique concoction. So trust me, it may start off boring at first, but it's worth the wait.

Also check out this video where Lizzy talks about how they come up with their live performance and create the different sounds they use.

Mar 1, 2009

Ninjatronics heading to Des Ark show

The Ninjatronics Team is running off the Chapel Hill tonight to catch Des Ark, before she heads out on tour (finally!). Check below for an updated list, including the much awaited SXSW 2009.

3.1.09 >>Nightlight Chapel Hill, North Carolina - w/Yardwork! (TONIGHT!)

3.18.09 >>Atlanta/Athens TBA
3.19.09 >> Birmingham/Pensacola TBA
3.20.09 >>SXSW Austin, Texas
3.21.09 >>SXSW Austin, Texas
3.22.09 >>Ducbo New Orleans, Louisiana -
>>This show is from 2pm-7pm...short sets from each band...this is the order! w/ Ben Davis & the Jetts Prizzy Prizzy Please Stupid Party Shell Shag Future Virgins Turboslut Pygmy Lush Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? Des Ark This Bike is a Pipe Bomb.

4.1.09 >>Green Bean - Greensboro, North Carolina - w/Diane Cluck
4.2.09 >> The Spazzatorium - Greenville, North Carolina -w/Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu)
4.3.09 >>MACRoCK TBA - Harrisonburg, Virginia -
4.4.09 >> MACRoCK TBA - Harrisonburg, Virginia -
4.5.09 >>Snug Harbor *Keep-A-Breast Benefit* - Charlotte, North Carolina -
4.16.09 >> Shakori Hills 1439 Henderson Tanyard Road -Pittsboro, North Carolina -

She'll also be opening the 4-day festival at 4pm on Thursday, & will play another solo set: for more info!

: : : : : : :FOLLOW UP POST SHOW: : : : : : :

Ninjatronics @ Des Ark Show from Ninjatronics Studio on Vimeo.

For more vid's click here