Nov 29, 2008

dykes + fags series: episode 1

Check out the new podcast series dykes + fags hosted by Scantron and Babe Useless featuring music by queer bands/musicians.

Download now [29:03minutes, 24.2MB, 11/28/08]

01. tracy & the plastics - city
02. deerhunter - agoraphobia
03. the need - o sally
04. chicks on speed - myspace
05. team dresch - hate the christian right
06. magnetic fields - i thought you were my boyfriend
07. final fantasy - he poos clouds

Nov 28, 2008

des_ark - jesus loves you (but yr still coming home with me tonight)

des ark jesus loves you but yr still coming home with me tonight durham loose lips sink ships

des_ark was definitely one of those bands that has always surprised me. I saw them years ago in Chapel Hill back when the line-up included Tim Herzog and a bass player if I remember correctly. They opened for ... it doesn't even matter who they opened for, because obviously they were the better memory of that night. I bought their home-made, spray painted pink demo, Days of Prole, that summer and listened it non-stop. I went to as many shows as possible, even flying across the country to see a solo des_ark performance at Homo A Go Go in 2006 (okay, so I didn't really fly out out there solely for that purpose, but it was indeed a pleasant coincidence). Even when Aimee Argote quieted her performances to a bone-chilling, intimate showcase of all her regrets and lessons learned, I was entranced. I don't even think I could choose one style over the other; they both hold a special part of me. 

So here's Jesus Loves You (but yr still coming home with me tonight) from Loose Lips, Sink Ships. and expect more of this band in the future. 

Nov 25, 2008

sally shapiro - time to let go

the lovely sally shapiro and writer johan agebjorn bring us a fusion of exaggerated electro beats from the 80s with electronic infused jazz tracks like time to let go off their remix romance vol.2 release with their light-hearted nature keeping an air of innocence. this is definitely a track that would work best on a dark discoball-lit dance floor.

Listen to Time to Let Go on NINJATRON episode one or download it separately.

tobacco - hair candy

o tobacco! one of the front men for black moth super rainbow just recently released an album as a solo artist with tracks like hair candy- that encompass you in a warm hug, resembling a hypnotic psychosis and a half. this album brings out a darker side to the psychedelic hip hop floaty vibe that resonates with the bmsr crew. so how is tobacco making his mark away from bmsr ? tobacco developed fucked up friends in rural pennsylvania away from the chaotic mess of the city using analog synths and tape machines making more jagged beats with flowy glowing melodies and fuzzy vocals (if any at all). check out his track dirt featuring aesop rock for more of the hippity hop, if you're in the mood for some mind altering tunes listen to hair candy.

other members that make up the bmsr collective FYI: the seven fields of aphelion, power pill fist, iffernaut and father hummingbird

Listen to Hair Candy on NINJATRON episode one or download it separately.

flying lotus- parisian golfish

so you may of heard some of flying lotus's gansta beats on the late nite adultswim that we all know and love. that's right, his dancey experimental hip hop electro tracks like parisian goldfish happen to be on his latest 2008 release los angeles, but you shouldn't overlook his prior work on 1983 and his reset ep which highlight those loungey round funky bass beats that could be inspired from his soul/funk idol of a mother alice coltrane. flying lotus aka steven ellision can be found here and hiiizzzzeeerreee

Listen to Parisian Goldfish on NINJATRON episode one or download it separately.

ninja test

Nov 24, 2008

El Perro del Mar - Dog

el perro del mar

I first heard about El Perro Del Mar through when I heard her song Dog. It’s got this very rhythmic feel that bounces tambourine hand claps with opposite guitar strums. The song is repetitious lyric wise, but as the words continue, new elements are introduced along the way, which really builds this song up into one of those songs that leaves you breathless when it’s over.

El Perro Del Mar is made up of Swedish singer/songwriter, Sarah Assbring. Her songs provide a variety of different sounds from flutes to organs to loungey do wop vocals, but they all manage to maintain a distinguishable 50’s-style pillow music feel.

Listen to Dog on NINJATRON episode one or download it separately or purchase the album online..

Nov 23, 2008

The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity

the knife deep cuts

Deep Cuts has been out for a long time, but The Knife is just one of my comfort bands. When I'm tired of everything else, I have a group of comfort bands that I can always go to and always be happy. The thing I love most about You Make Me Like Charity is probably the most obvious one, the lyrics. And of course the music itself, but thats a given. So yes, we here at Ninjatronics are extremely biased when it comes to The Knife. We will play favorites whenever they are involved. Just take a look at what we were for halloween:

we are the dark haired, latino & filipino versions of The Knife

Nov 22, 2008

Next Blog >>

Often times, I just say that I'm busy working on something on the computer as an excuse to just sit and listen to music while doing mindless things. I only started using blogger; I had been over at wordpress for awhile and decided to switch things up when creating the NINJATRON blog. I never really read other people's blogs unless they are my friends or they are really good blogs that are actually enjoyable to me. So i'm not much of a stumble-upon fan. But tonight I decided to try out the "Next Blog>>" link on the top of the blog and well.... here's what I found:
This is Andrea R Georgas' blog. I've never heard of her until now, so I'm glad that I clicked on "Next Blog>>" to be able to find out about her. She's an illustrator, graduated from SCAD and does some pretty rad illustrations, mostly for bands. check her out, i'm bookmarking it.
Nothing too exciting here except lots and lots of baby pictures. Baby climbing the window, baby pushing crate around hockey ring, baby doing ballet, baby playing with other babies, and more!
family blog. not interested. next!
makes soaps. some look like cupcakes and cake. they look tasty.

Portishead - Machine Gun

portishead third 3 machine gun

Machine Gun is the first single off of Portishead's latest release, Third, which came out in April 2008. This song differs from other Portishead songs due to its industrial influenced sound. The repetitive and always constant drum beat bears resemblance to it's name, machine gun. The music video for this song shows the band in the studio. Watch it for yourself:

Nov 21, 2008

[NINJATRON podcast] episode 1

so this is our first attempt at podcasting together. its a little rough around the edges, but its really the music that counts. We'll be updating the blog with more info about the bands played on this podcast as well as providing the individual songs for your convenience (in case you don't want to hear our ramblings. so keep ch-ch-checking back for more good stuff.

[53:45, 49.22MB, 10/23/08]

01. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish
02. Tobacco - Hair Candy
03. Portishead - Machine Gun
04. The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity
05. Sally Shapiro - Time to Let Go
06. High Places - New Grace
07. Electrelane - To the East
08. El Perro del Mar - Dog
09. Cass McCombs - Full Moon or Infinity
10. m83 - Skin of the Night
11. Shannon Wright - With Closed Eyes
12. Des_Ark - Jesus Loves You (but yr still coming home with me tonight)

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