Jul 8, 2009

Azeda Booth - Tubtrek EP

Azeda Booth was a nice little surprise via lastfm, I stumbled upon a music video of their song Big Fist a while back from their previous album In Flesh Tones [released by Absolutely Kosher, 2008] that was directed by Jordan Easton. Little did I know at the time that they were indeed the voices of Morgan and Jordon, the wispy [now] unmistakable androgynous vocals.

Us Ninjatrons were listening to their new Tubtrek EP today and agree that the from the new songs we like Samoan Girls and from the remixes Well (Refilled and Set in Sand remix) and v remix of Big Fist - although this is a pretty solid EP otherwise!

Hailing from Calgary, Azeda Booth originally formed back in 2004 and was the project of Morgan Greenwood & Jordon Hossack. They remained a duo until the year 2006 when Chris Reimer, Marc Rimmer and Mike Wallace joined, becoming the now quintetessenial 5 star hotel , give me a high FIVE NOW! which came to release the full length In Flesh Tones. The last bit of work that Morgan and Jordan put together was the release of 2007's Mysterious Body. According to their website, it looks like Azeda Booth is now Morgan, Jordan and Marc.

The latest to come is their Tubtrek EP The FREE DOWNLOAD is available at http://www.azedabooth.com/ep/ .

Here's a free download of their track Ran from their previous album In Flesh Tones.

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