Mar 24, 2009

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival

On April 1st, 2009 the first ever - one time only - Cheese Sandwich Film Festival will be happening right here in Wilmington, NC. The Cheese Sandwich Film Festival Society will be screening experimental, documentary, narrative, and animated shorts focusing on the sexy cheese sandwich. There will also be a CHEESE SANDWICH cookoff! More details at the CSFF Society website.

What are the stipulations for the films?

1. The film has to be about a cheese sandwich. This can be loose.
2. The film must be creative.
3. The film must be under 3 minutes!!!!

4. Deadline for submission is March 29th in which all films MUST be sent with bribes!

The CSFF Organization hasn't finalized all of the categories of the competition, but the following are known:

*Fan Favortie - Wins All Bribes Given
* Best Lesbian Gay Bi-sexal Transgendered submission - Be Yr Own Queero will be giving the award for the BEST LGBTQ Film.
* Best Experimental
* Best Documentary
* Best Feature/Narrative
* Best Animation

When: Wednesday April 1st , 2009 (how clever)
$$$!: General Admission $5, Student Admission $4, Free admission for Filmmakers !!!
Where: @ Jengo's Playhouse on 815 Princess St.

Check out the bumpers for the Festival! Some of us at the Ninjatronics Lab are working on something - so come on out and watch some magic happen YOOOOO.

Cheese Sandwich Film Festival Bump from Daniel Moser on Vimeo.

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