Jun 17, 2009

Pointer Sisters Rewind

The fabulous Pointer Sisters - often found on any funk/soul radio station, were doing it right in the 70s/80s with their impeccable sense of style and grooves. The original gang - Ruth , Anita, June and Boonie Pointer (formed in Oakland)- scored their pop 'n soul hits (featured above) embodying funky rhythms and motownish hollatcha girl attitude.

If you ever were watching Seasame Skkkreet back in the day, then ya'll know that sticky tune on the pinball countdown that looped in your head was sung by the Pointer Sisters.
The "Pinball Number Count" began appearing on Sesame Street in 1976. The music was composed by Walt Kraemer who also scored and provided voices or the Star Wars parody Hardware Wars, working on the George Lucas animated feature Twice Upon a Time.

The pinball animation was directed by Jeff Hale who produced many inserts for Sesame Street including the Typewriter, and Ringmaster series. He also is the founder of the San Francisco-based animation studio Imagination, INC.

To see the fullerrrrr version of the countdown click here.

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