Jun 9, 2009

Ninjatronics Events!

The Ninjatronics family has been weaned on the idea of community involvement, performance, and contribution to the well being of the artistic and creative realm. With this in mind, we're pleased to announce the Ninjatronics Events section, which will provide information as to what all us Ninjatrons are up to as of late. This post will serve as a permalink for the events column (listed at right) and will be kept updated with everrrthang we've been doing.


Ninjatronics is now the official host of the East Coast Opera House Open Mic night here in Wilmington, NC!! The new but already well-established [AS AWESOME] artsy-dive bar East Coast Opera House has been a Ninjatronics favorite since its inception -- it's by far the best place in Wilmington to meet progressive, creative-minded people from all walks of life.

Starting June 18th, every Thursday at 9PM we'll be hosting a variety of local musicians (solo acts and bands) who'll be sharing their works whilst jamming with others to network and create a better musical community. Signup is by 8:30PM so come early, support your city, and make new connections!

The open mic is ALWAYS free and always guaranteed to be a good time. So come out, meet some of us, see what Wilmington's underground music scene has to offer, and stay connected!

Ninjatronics Events:

Aug. 20th - Open Mic/Jam Hosted by Ninjatronics @ East Coast Opera House 9PM
119 Grace St, Wilmington NC

Aug. 21st - Photo Show @ the Parallelogram, DJ Teknacolorninja & Visuals Jordan - 526 S. 3rd St, Wilmington, NC

Aug. 27th - Open Mic/Jam Hosted by Ninjatronics @ East Coast Opera House 9PM
119 Grace St, Wilmington NC

Aug. 29th - Midtown Lounge Series: SWOMP Party feat. Teknacolorninja & Visuals by Jordan 10PM - Mellow Mushroom 4311 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, NC

Sept. 2nd - The BASSMGMT Series feat. beats 'n visuals from Ninjatronics & Project Getdown 10PM - 255 N. Front St, Wilmington , NC (FB, Myspace)

Sept. 4th - Body Parts Art Exhibit Feat. Dance After Party w/ Teknacolorninja
7-PM 526 S. 3rd St, Wilmington, NC

Sept. 5th-6th - BE YR OWN HERO FEST 2009- featuring bands from all over the Southeastern board.

Shows: The Soapbox, 225 N. Front St. Wilmington , NC
Workshops: 5th 'n Wooster , Wilmington, NC


robokraut said...

house show was rad as hellllll

hell yes ninjatronics team, doin it RIGHT

teknacolorninja said...

thanks ponchos from peru for putting up the house show live recording for fractal farm!!!



PYROglyphics said...

i'd love to make it out there some night. let me know when y'all are throwin down and i'll pray i'm off work.

ninjatron said...

you should totally come to the bass on the beach event on 7.4.09 - there will be more dj's and electronicckksss.

神待ち said...