Apr 8, 2009


Djedjotronic, freshly signed to Boys Noize Records (!!!), is probably some of the hottest, danciest shit you'll hear this year. Currently touring Europe, he brings to the stage self-described "electronic bitchy dance" and some of the best (and dirtiest) basslines I've heard in a long while.

His first EP, out now, is called Dirty and Hard. The title track features South African rapper Spoek and is a bizarre and rhythmic smutfest of the best variety (AND can be heard/downloaded by clicking the album cover above!). The EP also features Gum Attack, a relentless dance assault, Horror Klub, my personal favorite, and a remix of Dirty and Hard by labelmasters Boys Noize themselves. There's some mad good DJ work going on in this EP; hopefully we'll hear more from Djedjotronic soon.

Update: for some people apparently the huffduffer link doesn't work (some people, if you know what I mean), so the title of the post links to his myspace now. Word!

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