Nov 21, 2008

[NINJATRON podcast] episode 1

so this is our first attempt at podcasting together. its a little rough around the edges, but its really the music that counts. We'll be updating the blog with more info about the bands played on this podcast as well as providing the individual songs for your convenience (in case you don't want to hear our ramblings. so keep ch-ch-checking back for more good stuff.

[53:45, 49.22MB, 10/23/08]

01. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish
02. Tobacco - Hair Candy
03. Portishead - Machine Gun
04. The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity
05. Sally Shapiro - Time to Let Go
06. High Places - New Grace
07. Electrelane - To the East
08. El Perro del Mar - Dog
09. Cass McCombs - Full Moon or Infinity
10. m83 - Skin of the Night
11. Shannon Wright - With Closed Eyes
12. Des_Ark - Jesus Loves You (but yr still coming home with me tonight)

1 comment:

Kristin Henry said...

i was just being pouty this weekend about needing new music so i'm super excited about the new project!