Mar 10, 2009

Arcade Fire -Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Covered by Rock-afire

Who is Rock-afire? duh it's the Showbiz Pizza house band! Aaron Fechter, the guy who created these characters and the whole function system, programs these things to play cover songs. It's pretty on point. and pretty hysterical. I remember when I was little and had a birthday party at Showbiz. Those things always creeped me out!

check out more gems like MGMT, Usher, Shakira and more at YouTube. The Shakira one is absolutely ridiculous it's so good.

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teknacolorninja said...

man...i was the kid who'd run away from those foamy fluffy mascots. ferbies n elmos = ok.
it's the lifesize thing i'm not down with, except for snuffleupagus..he was always ok in my book.