Mar 4, 2009

Dr, Dre - Goin' Off (Rare Roadium Swap Meet mixtape)

The Roadium Open Air Market is an outdoors market in L.A. teeming with hundreds of merchant stands and thousands of bootlegged, questionable, or just plain bizarre things for sale. While more or less a flea market on crack, it also holds swap meets in which people bring items and trade each other for their sundry goods. In the mid-80s the Roadium swap meets were a hotspot for upcoming DJs to come trade mixtapes and get a feel for each others' sound and the rising hip-hop movement in general, and a young artist by the name of Dr. Dre was often in attendance. He brought with him some of the freshest beats and the lyrical stylings of some notable early hip-hop artists such as L.L. Cool J and 2 Live Crew. My personal favorite of the dozen or so mixtapes he produced for these swap meets would have to be Goin' Off, circa 1986ish. Side A of the album is some true hardcore shit with mad scratching and heavy beats, but the real awesomeness for me comes on Side B, a half hour electro hip-hop dance party that'll make you shake your ass while chanting along to "hey hey, we want some pussssssssayyyyy!" Even Kraftwerk makes an appearance in the mix, for god's sake.

And so I present to you, for a limited time, both the streaming and downloadable versions of the complete Goin' Off album. Get it while it's hot! (Or reheated, anyway.)

Happy dancing everybody.


teknacolorninja said...

hand claps = necessary
gggggg gi gi get it gurl

memeshift said...

'i make house calls. huhuhuhuhouse calls'