Mar 13, 2009

Daedelus - Sundown

Here's the video/animation to Daedelus's song "Sundown" off the album Denies The Day's Demise which was released on Mush Records back in 2006. The video was directed by Clay Lipsky,the multi-Emmy Award winning designer/director based in Los Angeles.

I like how Clay personifies the lines and uses them as heroes (and Daedelus's music playing!) to bring back the sunshine to a dismal factory-infested city. An environmental message, fo sho. My favorite part are the choppy stop-motion bits juxtaposed with the capoeira-like percussion line that busts out mid-song, brightening up the saddened electro overtones.

Daedulus is now on the Ninjatune label releasing memorable songs like "Fair Weather Friends" from the album Love To Make Music...which also is a sweet animation worth checking out.

Check out this phat remix of Daedelus's more recent work Hrs:Mins:Sec (Etan remix) with Shuttle doing the mix. Shuttle originally hails from Southern Maryland (301/240!!!) growing up with the B'more/DC electronic/club scene...moving on to the Boston underground jamming out with his tightly knit Basstown crew. His highly anticipated debut release will feature Cadence Weapon and a remix by fellow up and comer High Rankin courtesy of Ninja Tune worldwide.

PS. did anyone notice how there have been two FRIDAY 13th's in a row this year?

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