Mar 15, 2009

Royksopp's new album featuring Lykke Li

Royksopp's newest album Junior will be released this month on the 23rd. The album has some familiar faces appearing through out it, including Karin Dreijer (The Knife, Fever Ray), Robyn, Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto), and Lykke Li. I know there's a bunch of Lykke Li fans that read this blog, so check out the song "Miss you so much" below.

It doesn't end there though, Royksopp is able to create an amazing collection of songs that still have their Royksopp-feel to them while also incorporating some new sounds. This album is definitely contains more radio-friendly songs like "True to Life". But it also has some dark and mood setting moements (which of course I love!), like "Silver Cruiser", which has faint similarities to The Field and Radiohead, and "Royksopp Forever" where violins and cellos create a chaotic and beautiful climax.

Miss you so much - Royksopp (feat. Lykke Li)

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