Mar 17, 2009

Magic Heart Genies - Multicultures

Magic Heart Genies are making a name for themselves as the west coast's frrreesshest underground collaboration with Myka 9 lyricizing, JtheSarge prophetizing and DJ Drez laying down the beats.  A cluster of hip-hop with reggae undertones and a notable world music influence -  together they released "Heartifact" on  Alpha Pup Records  with label mates Busdriver and Daedulus

Check out their sounds - and yea, that's Humboldt, CA's  three-piece horn section "Fat Back". I love me some french horn. Check out at their sweet comic-inspired website with more info. 


teknacolorninja said...

there's a high pitch beeping sound that GETS ME sounds like my microwave going off , ya kno whaddiiii'm sayin'? do u hear it too?

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