Mar 2, 2009

Gospel - The Moon Is A Dead World

So i was looking up the band envy and went to their labels page and saw their roster and saw all the other bands that are now, and have been on that label (level plane records) and listened to all the mp3s they had and found Gospel. Holy dick punch Batman. I got so pumped listening to this record that I almost puked. They have very high energy, up tempo, hairpin turns, highly percussive, raw screamy kinda vocals. with that kind of singing im not usually a huge fan of, but works in this outfit pretty well. They are set pretty low in the overall mix, so i feel that its not much of a hindrance to them. Sadly I don't know if they are still around and playing shows, but I hope they are.

I would describe them with a likeness to some bands like Cinemechanica, a hint of The Mars Volta, also some sections are very Red Sparrows'ish.


teknacolorninja said...

yea.. it looks like their activity meter has fallen off trail? maybe soon they will see a golden dawn . . .

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