Feb 13, 2009

Valentine's Gay Dance Party! -Tomorrow!!

Hey DANCE KIDS! Be Yr Own Queero and NiNjaTRon are throwing down for Valentine's GAY, so come 'n dance yo booty off! And.....BRING YOUR OWN DANCE MIX! Scantron and teknacolorninja will play your favorite dance tracks throughout the night. That's right, be the deejay or get in the groove V'gay style. . . we'll take care of the rest. We'll also be having Jimmy J and Jordan busting out some techy video deejaying that's bound to open your mind to what an epic dance party should always have. Please bring all CD mixes with a playlist before 10pm at the party so we can sift through the tunes. Location here

Check list for party!

- Bring Dance Mix [CD]
- Dress up in monochromatics [it'll be fun, just try it]
- Bring some loose $$$...for cups [21 over]
- Show up at the Rainbow Factory [location]

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