Feb 24, 2009

New Soul (Manley Deeds, Womanly Words Remix) - DJ Mannes

Fellow compadre and V89er [check out them stickahhs!], DJ Mannes has always been in the musical loop via analog radio, online streaming or at da club behind the turntables. DJ Mannes, aka Chris Manley started spinning at house parties ovah in the good ole Tallahassee,FL and since then...shaking up the dance party scene in noFLA bumping with Dj's like counterpart Steve Lurkel (Team Jaguar), Markstarr, Designer Drugs, and Hot Pink Delorean.

These days he mannes the Penned Maddness blogspot with a crew of FL deejays/bloggers putting up sweet electro tracks and remixes for all to love on.

Check out his fun take on Yeal Naim's poppilicious release:

New Soul (Manley Deeds, Womanly Words Remix)

....and while you're at it, check out the Penned Maddness blog for a remix of the song Glowtape vs DJ Mannes here.

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