Feb 12, 2009

Everybody Loves Pretty Lights

The outstanding producing and arranging of Colorado’s own Dereck Smith, accompanied by the live drummer Cory Eberhard, has created a dirty, dance, two-step, dub focused musical odyssey. Their latest album ‘Filling up the City Skies’ takes listeners on a raw, energetic, journey through time itself. Using a mix of dirty yet beautiful oldschool samples mixed with new age synthesis, all put to the backdrop of grimy break beats, Pretty Lights has the ability to fuel the dance floor with energy and pull tears straight from your soul at the same time.

I would recommend Pretty Lights to any fan of electronica, hip-hop, downtempo, or dub sound, it’s all in there and it’s all good.

The greatest part about Pretty Lights, is that all of their albums are 100% free. Just go on out to http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/ and download both their albums. That’s roughly three hours of nonstop brilliance to melt your mind.


teknacolorninja said...

i love the intro to that one track "the time has come" . . . so downtemp, not my regular, but oooo so chill

Anonymous said...

easily the best producer ive ever heard. his music is pure sex. nothing is better.