Feb 25, 2009

The Attack of The Clones: Yung L.A. vs J-Money

It is my pleasure to announce The Attack of The Clones: Yung L.A. vs J-Money mixed by DJ DiBiAse. For those of you who know the "Dee-bee-aah-cee", know that he's always had a strong appreciation for local music, indie to hood, so this mixtape only made sense!

DJ DiBiase aka Alex Bowden, originally hails from Plainfield, NJ; these days he reps the Atlanta, GA music scene hard. Mixtapes were a regular agenda for the beat matching natural with his high school alias DJ Tomahawk - - which grew into several local radio gigs (i heart radio!) sculpting his style in the world of turntablism. DJ DiBiase's got a lot going for his career in ATL's mixing scene opening up for artist like Diplo, making guest spots on Siruis Satelitte Radio and of course getting down at the clubs. Make sure to visit the Myspace for more downloadable mixtapes.

Yung L.A. and J-Money (1st name, last name) are two of the biggest artist in the streets of Atlanta. But they share a very similar....swag, futuristic swag that is. Rock the mix.


1.) The Phantom Menace
2.) Yung L.A. - Whoa/Give Me Back My Swag (J-Money Diss)
3.) J-Money Ft. Meanie - Dis Is How We Play
4.) J-Money Ft. Shop Boyz - We Do It Big
5.) Yung L.A. - Ain't I (Original Mix)
6.) Travis Porter Ft. J-Money - Uhh Huh
7.) Lofat Ft. Yung L.A. - Walk It To The Bank
8.) J-Money - Big Dawg
9.) J-Money - Shake N Bake
10.) Yung L.A. Ft. Young Dro - Do The Offset Shawty
11.) The Empire Strikes Back
12.) Yung L.A. - Blessing
13.) Yung L.A. Ft. Black Amigos - All Of The Above
14.) Yung L.A. & Young Dro - Take Off
15.) J-Money - So Futuristic
16.) J-Money Ft. Shawty Lo - Trappers Of The Year
17.) J-Money - 1st Name Last Name
18.) Supa Ft. Yung L.A. - Offset Shawty (Remix)
19.) J-Money Ft. DG Yola - Times 10
20.) Return of the Jedi
21.) *Bonus* Rich Kids Ft. Young Dro - Partna Dem


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