Feb 8, 2009

Feed the Horse - Fagget Fairys

Here’s the music video for “Feed the Horse” from Danish band Fagget Fairys. The Copenhagen based lesbian ghetto-funk, pop-slamming MC/DJ duo Fagget Fairys met on the dance floor about a year ago and well….it was quite magical…cause soon after they met up, the creative duo started dating (oh man!), moved in together and got engaged.The delish Danish ladies behind the music are currently on the Music For Dreams label. This video was produced and made by the innovative directorship of Miss. astrup aka. Sigrid Asrup, bringing us that sexy HD quality that we all love. She also edited, chorerographed and made the costumes! For more work by this director visit workandvideo.com and sigridastrup.com

Here's the Feed the Horse (Hand Clap Remix) - Fagget Fairys , enjoy!


PYROglyphics said...

that video and song a lesbiawacky. LOVE IT. really reminds me of this little ditty.


teknacolorninja said...

HA! i likes : ) speakin' of dittles n skittles, peaches is coming out with her newwwwww album, AHHH!