Feb 27, 2009

The Synthetic City - Chris Lineberry

Originally from Greensboro, NC, Chris Lineberry crafts his art pieces together using MS Paint and Pinnacle Studio. What surprised me the most is the range of talent this 18 year old has! I love the musical selections he chooses for these exploding song-operetta narrations like Arcade Fire, Caribou, Octopus Project, Of Montreal, Animal Collective, Architecture in Helsinki, Jon Brion and The Go! Team. Check out his latest work "The Synthetic City", something new and different by combining photography into the mix, varying from his usual style of transforanimation, digitizing and manipulating color like in the video "Spork in the Road"...refer to video below.

"The Synesthetic City" This stop-motion heart-stopper is the story of 4 characters who meet in a city, reached through the hallucinations of synesthesia. However, their good time is soon interrupted by a 5th. Three of the characters are based on "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends", about superheroes who go to college and decide to fight crime together, one of which is a synesthete who exists in the city via a headset. The 4th character is a transient go-go dancer, whose present destination happens to be this Synesthetic City. The intersection of these characters' stories is met with jealousy and anger by Cornea, the bully who turns into a villain. Featuring a Go!Team cover of Sonic Youth's "Bull in the Heather", "October is Eternal" by Of Montreal, and "Ghosts of Things to Come", a score by Clint Mansell performed by The Kronos Quartet. This video was created for the North Carolina senior project, required by Weaver Academy for graduation. Synopsis by Chris Lineberry

"Spork in the Road" (Caribou - " Zoe") was posted up in March of last year.

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