Nov 25, 2008

tobacco - hair candy

o tobacco! one of the front men for black moth super rainbow just recently released an album as a solo artist with tracks like hair candy- that encompass you in a warm hug, resembling a hypnotic psychosis and a half. this album brings out a darker side to the psychedelic hip hop floaty vibe that resonates with the bmsr crew. so how is tobacco making his mark away from bmsr ? tobacco developed fucked up friends in rural pennsylvania away from the chaotic mess of the city using analog synths and tape machines making more jagged beats with flowy glowing melodies and fuzzy vocals (if any at all). check out his track dirt featuring aesop rock for more of the hippity hop, if you're in the mood for some mind altering tunes listen to hair candy.

other members that make up the bmsr collective FYI: the seven fields of aphelion, power pill fist, iffernaut and father hummingbird

Listen to Hair Candy on NINJATRON episode one or download it separately.

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