Nov 28, 2008

des_ark - jesus loves you (but yr still coming home with me tonight)

des ark jesus loves you but yr still coming home with me tonight durham loose lips sink ships

des_ark was definitely one of those bands that has always surprised me. I saw them years ago in Chapel Hill back when the line-up included Tim Herzog and a bass player if I remember correctly. They opened for ... it doesn't even matter who they opened for, because obviously they were the better memory of that night. I bought their home-made, spray painted pink demo, Days of Prole, that summer and listened it non-stop. I went to as many shows as possible, even flying across the country to see a solo des_ark performance at Homo A Go Go in 2006 (okay, so I didn't really fly out out there solely for that purpose, but it was indeed a pleasant coincidence). Even when Aimee Argote quieted her performances to a bone-chilling, intimate showcase of all her regrets and lessons learned, I was entranced. I don't even think I could choose one style over the other; they both hold a special part of me. 

So here's Jesus Loves You (but yr still coming home with me tonight) from Loose Lips, Sink Ships. and expect more of this band in the future. 

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